Dallas Region

Dallas Region

It takes a special kind of cooperation among all the regional partners to make Dallas the premier destination for premier events. The Dallas region takes a step back to first and foremost consider the total event experience when working together to develop the very best opportunity for the event, its athletes, and the visiting fans and spectators, no matter where within the region those opportunities lie.

North Texas is a 150 city region including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Frisco and the cities in between which make North Texas the 4th largest metropolitan region in the United States. More than 7.5 million people call the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex home and for many good reasons. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is culturally rich, ethnically diverse and culturally stimulating. With the growing prominence of world-class destinations located within the DFW region it only reiterates the importance of each of the cities within North Texas to present a united front in support of events such as the FIFA World Cup 2026. As each of these cities prepares to work together, the possibilities exist to truly create a FIFA World Cup™ to remember.

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